Theater Honor Society Earns Excellent and Superior Ratings

Team advances to the ITS state competition in ECU in March


The International Thespian Society (ITS) recently took the Theater Honor Society of students on Jan. 7 to audition in front of judges for talents such as acting, marketing, and makeup design at the NC Central Regional ITS competition. 

The group of students who will be moving on to states consists of junior Allie Sharpe and seniors Delaney Skinner,  Sophia Eakin,  Ellie Manfreda,  Alaina Johncour,  Caleb van Doornewaard and Emma Briceno.

But what is the NC Central Regional ITS competition?

“It was where anyone in theater could do something that they’re interested in whether it’s dancing, or putting on a play, or playwriting, or directing or marketing,” Skinner said.

Every student was judged based on tasks given relating to their chosen category.

“I was also in the solo acting category, so I had my comedic monologue and my dramatic monologue, and they were supposed to be capped out at three minutes, so both of them had to be like a minute and thirty seconds long,” Johncour said. “You really go through a ride, especially watching other people’s dramatic monologues and then an immediate switch into like, this comedic monologue. It’s whiplash.”

While acting was a part of it, this competition was not only for actors. Students auditioned for many other theater-related roles, such as make-up design.

“My job was to create five different special effects makeup looks,” Eakin said. “It was a very long process that involved my friends sitting on my floor for five-plus hours for each makeup look.”

There were mixed feelings regarding the competition. While some students felt great going into it, others did not feel the same way.

“Kind of nervous: The regionals were not very well organized, but it was an interesting experience just because we get to see people from so many other schools,” Briceno said.

Other than the organization, the students faced different challenges in their preparations for the competition.

“Preparing was a different experience for me because it was so fast coming. It was also more of an individual project rather than working in class every day. Instead of working in class every day, we maybe did it once or twice in class, and then performed on the weekend,” Sharpe said. “It was very fast-coming, and we get there and we don’t have a lot of directions. We’re kinda running around like our heads are cut off.”

Despite these challenges, all of the students graded well when the competition was over.

“On my duet acting scene that I did with Caleb van Doornewaard, I got an excellent. Superior is the best, and excellent is second, so If you get an excellent or superior, you get to move on to states. My duet scene got an excellent and my play I submitted, The Subtle Art of Being in Love, also got an excellent. Both of those will be going on to states,” Manfreda said. 

While the competition had hardships, the students still liked being a part of the theater program.

“The togetherness that the theater community brings. It’s my favorite part of everything that we do,” van Doornewaard said. “Being able to be surrounded by people that have common interests, common goals and share an artistic vision with you is just a lot of fun.”

The following students earned honors in their categories:

  • Sophia Eakin, 12 Makeup Design
  • Delaney Skinner, 12 Marketing
  • Emma Briceno, 12 Playwriting
  • Ellie Manfreda, 12 Playwriting
  • Allie Sharpe, 11 Acting
  • Alaina Johncour, 12 Acting
  • Caleb van Doornewaard, 12 Acting
  • van Doornewaard and Manfreda Duet Acting