Engineering Design Students Tour Local Firms

Among other stops students visited Blue Forest Technologies, an aerospace manufacturing firm


An aircraft from Blue Force Technologies takes flight. The engineering firm invested $3 million into a WF facility in June, 2022 and added 125 jobs to the community.

Nine students in David Sander’s Engineering Design Honors class attended a tour of the engineering industry Dec. 1. Some of the students may have found their next passion. 

The tour helped junior Carson Stoy learn more about a future in engineering.

“This tour gave me some insight on the opportunities on the engineering career path,” Stoy said.

Stoy also learned many things about the engineering field on the tour.

“Multiple different ways to engineer different products and manufacturing products,” Stoy said. 

Freshman Claudia Moreno found this tour helpful and highly recommended it to others.

“It helps you clear your mind, and helps you learn about engineering,” Moreno said. 

Stoy also recommended the experience.

“If you are interested in engineering it would be a good thing to go on,” Stoy said. 

Junior Gianna Baker shared what she learned about engineering on this tour. 

“The day to day of engineers and what they do, and the difference between the fields,” Baker said.

There were many different reasons students wanted to go on this tour. Baker attended as a way to plan for her future.

“Just to get a better feel for the actual job and see what it’s like for actual engineers,” Baker said. 

Students had different opinions on what the most fun part of the tour was. 

“I really like the third place we went to with the wires and the radios,” Baker said. 

Others found a different field of engineering more engaging. 

“I liked going to the Blue Force Technologies where they were manufacturing space shuttles and wings,” Stoy said.