On-Campus Event Focuses On Personal Branding

Teens learned social media can help and hurt one’s brand


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Around a dozen students attended the Personal Branding Event Dec. 2. The event was held to help others understand what branding actually is and how to get your brand out.

Social media can have a big impact on how a person’s brand performs. 

Sophomore Reece Taylor learned from the event that social media is a good way to get one’s brand more out there, but students should be cautious.

Reece learned, “the impact of what we post on social media and what social media can do to affect our lives. It basically told us that what we post on Tik Tok and Instagram can ruin our reputation and wouldn’t be good for future jobs.”

In addition to learning about the topic, DECA students earned an added benefit. 

“I attended the personal branding event because I thought it would be interesting, and it would help with DECA service hours,” Taylor said.

Taylor felt some of the subject matter could be applied right away. 

“What we post can be important. I liked how she made us seem important now and how we need to be careful now. It was just very impactful,” Taylor said. “I learned that even as a teenager at 15, it is important to have a reputation and to just not post random things that could affect your future.”

Brands can have a big effect on people.

“It made me realize so much about the brands, of how people think of you and how it affects everything around you,” sophomore Elizabeth Wurster said.

The event was not just about getting your product out and how you can help your brand do better.

“It was to help you present yourself in a better way,” sophomore Zane Duatel said.