Funnel Cake and FFA

FFA members work a booth at the North Carolina State Fair


The state fair is an exciting event for many, and for some FFA students this was a great opportunity for them to get experience with the animals and get volunteer hours. 

The student’s day mostly consisted of watching over the animals and cleaning up after them. 

“I was in the barn where I swept and gave the animals hay,” sophomore Gene Nyandoro said. 

The students worked almost the whole day with breaks from time to time. 

“We work for an hour and two hours off. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.,” junior Kianna Gibson said. 

There were students that returned to the state fair this year, but this was many students’ first time.

“This is my second year,” sophomore Hannah Spencer said. 

The students worked with a variety of animals and dealt with the cows and goats the most. 

“Cows, goats, sheeps, pigs, chickens and turkey,” Spencer said. 

The students enjoyed working at the state fair, and the animals definitely brought them lots of joy.

“My favorite part was probably the animals. I think they are cute,” Nyandoro said.