Key Club Takes On Carowinds

Club members reflect on amusement park experience


A handful of students attended the Key Club Carowinds Opening Rally Oct. 9. This event is a way to get members excited and ready for the coming year.

In Key Club students are taught, “how to better impact your community and come together as a whole to share ideas,” junior Alea Lester said.

While on the club’s trip to Carowinds, the group “had a presentation about Key Club district events and officer positions, and ways to better clubs in our school,” junior Zainah Al-Batajneh said.

Joining Key Club is a great way to get involved with your school and give back. For Al-Batajneh it’s a way for him to “lead” and “help the community.”

While at Carowinds, the students not only focused on club activities but also got to enjoy the rides the park provided.

“I liked the rides. I tried to conquer my fear of roller coasters,” senior Amia Gamble said.

Junior Ryan Lahmann and Lester were both big fans of the coaster “Fury-325.”

Looking into the future, the club is, “going to be doing toy drives and donating items to the hospital,” Gamble said.

Lester said they have also been discussing, “a clean up” where they will “go and help clean up the environment.”

Overall the Carowinds trip was a positive experience for the Key Club members.

“It was a way to get together and have fun as a club. It made us look forward to helping the community,” Al-Batajneh said.