Academy Students Jump Start Their Futures

Workshops, mentors and internships prepare members to fulfill their future career goals


Siena McGarrigle and Kelcey Kelling

Students involved in the Wake Forest Career Readiness Academy (WFCRA) aim to prepare themselves to become successful professionals. Through the WFCRA, students are given their first taste of the working world.

“Career readiness is useful for exploring what you bring to the table in a professional setting and for exploring career opportunities,” senior Charlotte Boriotti said.

Senior Davis Remsburger joined WFRCA to network and learn about professional environments.

“I hope to gain experience from being able to work with people in a business setting and have connections I can use in the future,” Remsburger said.

Similarly, Boriotti seeks to explore career options and further her goals through the program.

“I’m hoping to learn more about myself and how I can find a career best fit for me as an individual,” Boriotti said.

In WFCRA students are taught valuable skills such as resume building and managing professional relationships. 

In the first WFCRA session Sept. 15, students took personality assessments to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Senior Andrew Brower describes what he gained from the experience.

“I’ve accomplished meeting new people, and I’ve learned how to have better communication skills,” Brower said.

As a part of the program, students are given mentors to provide them with wisdom and guidance. 

“Our mentors will help us with work as we’re moving on throughout the year, and they can help us with advice on business related problems,” Remsburger said.

Brower hopes his mentor will help him achieve his ultimate goal of owning a construction business. 

In the spring, WFRCA students will be taking further steps towards career readiness by completing internships. Boriotti wishes to take the experience she will gain from her internship and apply it to her future career.

“I plan on pursuing a form of engineering that involves environmental innovation,” Boriotti said.

Students are confident WFRCA will give them the skills, tools and experience to achieve success in their future careers. 

“They give us opportunities and support us to help us gain experience and learn along the way,” Remsburger said.