Safety Prompts Creation of Third Lunch


Andrew Baker, Media Editor

The introduction of a new lunch during third period class, one that splits the period into two sections for both teachers and students, generates mixed feelings about the interruption.

The return of students to campus after Covid-19 mandated remote learning had a lot of consequences, but one of the effects was the overcrowding of the cafeteria during lunch.

Administration devised the solution of introducing a third lunch during the middle of third period.

For a regular class period, without tests, several students and teachers viewed this change as not too drastic. History teacher Brad Baker finds that his class assignments can be structured around the break.

“I just try to have a stopping point. We try to do one thing before lunch. I say ‘let’s get this done before lunch.’ And then after lunch we have another activity or something,” Baker said.

Many students agree that normal school days are not drastically affected. Junior Mari Zellmer even thinks that the lunch is beneficial for her.

“I think it will have a good impact on my performance because I will be able to focus more,” Zellmer said.

Senior Sai Seelam enjoys the opportunity to see his friends and get a break during class.

“I think it helps me fill myself up and eat, and I get to socialize in between, so that helps.”

History teacher Robyn Faulkner agrees that the split class can have a positive impact on students’ ability to learn.

“It’s an easy way to split the class up so you’re not sitting for 90 minutes. You get a chance to go get some lunch and get refreshed. It will actually benefit the class in terms of when you do your individual activities,” Faulkner said.

Both teachers and students do realize that test days will be the most impacted, some students find it beneficial while others find it difficult to get back on track after the lunch break. Junior Abby Gundry is not fond of the way tests are structured during her third period pre-calc class.

“I find it difficult because whenever you have a test in your third period, you have to split up the test into two different portions and if you don’t finish the first portion then you can’t go back to it.” Gundry said.

Junior Hailey Pham does not appreciate the sudden change of lunch periods and is displeased with how there is a sudden interruption during instructional time.

Pham said. “I do not enjoy it at all because it feels weird to drop your class to go to lunch and come back. Although there are pros to this, especially when taking a test, you get a break and have that extra studying, so I think it’s useful. However, I am still upset that I do not have the same lunch as my friends, who all have A lunch. Overall, it’s a meh situation for me. It didn’t favor me or affect me in any way.”