Covington Joins Administrative Team


Siena McGarrigle, Editor in Chief

Assistant Principal Mary Covington is the newest addition to the administrative staff. Covington is originally from Hobart, Indiana and has taught many age groups in various states before settling down as an administrator in North Carolina.

“​I started teaching in Indiana, moved to Wisconsin and then Illinois before moving to Charlotte. In Wake County, I have been at Durant Road Elementary and Cedar Fork Elementary,” Covington said.

While Covington enjoyed being a teacher, she knew she wanted to contribute to education in a different way.

“​I have always wanted to be in Administration but did not pursue it until my kids were in high school,” Covington said.

Prior to being a teacher and assistant principal, Covington did not always know she wanted to work in a school environment.

“I thought I wanted to be a nurse.”

For Covington, education runs in her family, and she was inspired by her grandparents’ service.

“My grandmother was a teacher and my grandfather was a high school principal,” Covington said.

Covington did not stumble across our school by chance. She knew she wanted to work here after being a parent in the Cougar community.

“My son graduated from Wake Forest High School in 2016,” Covington said.

Besides her history with the school, Covington was drawn to the job because of her desire to act as a mentor. ​

”I wanted to be able to guide students and offer support to families as they navigate the Wake County Public School System,” Covington said.

When asked how her first day went, Covington responded with enthusiasm. “​It was amazing!” Covington said. “I don’t think I ever stopped to sit down until the busses were gone!”

Any new job can be intimidating at first, especially when one switches from working with elementary-aged students to teenagers. Despite this, Covington shares that “I really am enjoying the high school experience,” and she hopes to fulfill her goal of, “Building relationships with the students and staff.”
When she is not on the job, Covington enjoys a variety of activities and traveling in her free time.

“I enjoy working in the yard and spending time with my husband and our Golden Retriever,” Covington said. “I also love going to the beach and the mountains.”

As an administrator, Covington is ambitious and hardworking. She one day hopes to achieve her ultimate career goal.

“My dream is to someday be a principal. We will have to wait and see,” Covington said.

Besides working towards her personal dream, Covington is aiming to achieve many goals in her time as an assistant principal that will improve the school as a whole.

Covington said she hopes, “to help teachers build equitable classrooms, build relationships with students and staff and assist Wake Forest High School in meeting the goals of the School Improvement Plan.”