Your Take: Students Express Presidential Preference

Reporters interviewed 76 of their peers asking who they would vote for if able


“Donkey & Elephant promoting MSNBC’s outdoor DNC studio” by Steve Rhodes is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Colby Brown, Opinion Editor

Editor’s Note: The below results are not a scientific poll or survey of student opinion. Reporters reached out to their peers, but in the virtual environment, those interviews reflect the classes and friends of our newsroom. That is why we welcome student comments to this story if you would like to have your voice heard. In addition, our interviews were conducted in early October. 

For President Trump: 21

For Former Vice President Biden: 53

Undecided / Third Party Candidate: 12

Below are a selection of the responses we received as picked by senior Opinion Editor Colby Brown

Andrew Hirsh, 11: “Trump because I think that he can hold on to the country more while the country is on the downfall, and he has also done a lot for unemployed people and for minorities in America.”

Alexis Head, 11: “I would choose him (Trump) because he is qualified and he knows what to do in certain circumstances. But if I couldn’t, then I’d honestly have no idea. Just someone who thinks he/she is doing a good thing for America.”

Aidin Bakshandeh, 10: “I would vote for Trump because I don’t like either of the candidates, but he is the most fit.”

Drew Casey, 10: “Trump: although he’s still not good; nobody is good.”

Fatima Elhanouch, 12: “If the election were to happen today, I’d vote for Joe Biden because his ideals are more appealing than Trump’s.”

Wyatt Smith, 11: “Trump because I heard how Biden is going to raise taxes.”

Devyn Blaylock, 12: “I don’t love our options this year, but if I had to pick, it would be Biden.”

Nick Khouri, 12: “Biden: I don’t agree with a lot of Trump’s stances, and I don’t like how he divided the country. I don’t think he is fit for another four years.”

Kristen Holt, 10: “Joe Biden is a better fit for a president. Trump is making America seem like a laughing stock. He doesn’t care about the American people. Trump is a racist, sexist, sexual assaulter and way more. But he is unfit to be our next president.”

Cameron Garcia, 12: “If elections were held today and I could vote, I would vote for Joe Biden.”

Alexia Gonzalez, 12: “I am 18, so I will be able to vote in this next election. I’m not only voting, I will be working at the poles on election day. Even though Joe Biden was definitely not my first pick, he is better than Trump. Trump doesn’t care about the people; he cares about his image. Joe Biden is far from a good nominee, but he definitely cares about everybody. He won’t leave somebody out. I want an America where everyone is equal. Joe Biden is a step closer to an equal America.”

Thomas Alexander Lee, 11: “I would personally vote Joe Biden for president of the USA. I do not like him or Trump, but I do think he’s the lesser of two evils, and he actually has some propositions for climate change and healthcare I like.”

Cara Mack, 10: “Joe Biden: he isn’t my ideal candidate, but my beliefs line up far more with his than with Trump’s. I support his policies on things like healthcare and climate change.”

Lilith Jacks, 12: “I would prefer to vote for Bernie Sanders, but I would realistically settle for Biden, just to prevent Trump winning another term.”

Sapphira Gates, 11: “I would vote for Biden. In all honesty, both candidates are old white men, but Trump is a catastrophe, and the U.S. will dig below rock bottom if he becomes president again. Plus, if Biden wins, that would make Kamala Harris the first female Vice President, so that’s kinda nice.”

Tate Kapitza, 11: “I would vote for Biden. It is sadly another battle of lesser than two evils, but Biden would actually listen to his fellow board members before making rash decisions and is someone I trust more with the role of president as opposed to the big bad orange man.”

Kyle Kimutai, 12: “If the election was held today and I could vote, I am not entirely sure whom I would vote for. I didn’t expect to be able to vote and haven’t done enough individual research on the candidates, but if I had to choose one it would either be Biden or an undercampained candidate.”

Foster Stamp, 11: “As the next president of the United States I would vote for Dr. Jo Jorgensen.”

Carter Frank, 10: “Personally, I would not vote. I feel this election has become a dilemma, which I would not participate in. A battle between two evils would do no good for America.”

Brandon Basnight, 11:“To be honest I’d vote for anyone who Isn’t Trump! All these four years I’ve been waiting for this day to come.”