Trio Earns Superior Rating at Spanish Competition

Competition requires students to only speak Spanish to three fluent speakers


How’s your Spanish speaking skills?

Seniors Anthony Lamberti and Hope Dominique and junior Mary Kathryn Hederick tested out their skills at a Spanish competition at UNC-Chapel Hill Dec. 5.

After many days spent in preparation prior to the competition, the students all agree they were satisfied with the outcome.

“We spent lots of days after school for two hours at a time just staying back and working on the research paper, what we were going to say and the poster. So a lot of effort was put in, and we definitely put in it what we got out of it,” Hederick said.

All three agreed that they were proud of their work.

“We did really well. We got a superior rating, which was the highest you can get,” Lamberti said.

Among the group, for a few it was their first time enrolled in the competition, so it gave them mixed emotions when first walking in.

“I was nervous at first. All three of us, Spanish is our second language, so that’s nerve wracking. We were pretty confident going into the presentation part because we spent so much time preparing for it,” Lamberti said.

Hederick echoed her teammate’s feelings.

“Personally, I could’ve done better speaking with more confidence,” Hederick said. “It was a little nerve wracking because we didn’t know what they were going to ask us before hand, and then we had to put our answer into Spanish.”