Updated Dress Code Draws Student Praise

Jenna D'Aleo, Staff Reporter

With a new dress code put into place, students have different opinions on the change.

Junior Molli Sosa thinks the new dress code is a good change.

“I feel like the dress code has improved because last year it targeted girls and discriminated against size,” Sosa said. “The new dress code this year is more fair because it’s less strict and allows people to wear what they want.”

Sosa isn’t the only one who thinks highly of the new dress code. Senior Kendall Bland has similar thoughts as to why the new change has a positive influence on students.

“I definitely think the current dress code is an improvement because it still keeps students from wearing inappropriate clothes and from feeling uncomfortable by administrators dress-coding you,” Bland said. “I think the dress code is definitely fair, but I think wearing hats should be allowed.”

Dress code has always been a struggle for female students. Geigh Neill is one of many males that see the struggle.

“I think the dress code is more fair now than it was because it allows more outfits and styles, especially for females, which I know was a struggle with the last dress code.” Neill said.

Senior Rachel Giles is another of the many students who think the dress code is a good change. She also thinks the old one was overdue to be changed.

“The old dress code was geared towards the education of boys over girls. If a girl wore an outfit that even slightly broke the dress code, she was considered a distraction and taken out of class to protect the learning environment. It showed that the education of girls was much less valuable than that of boys, that they would take a girl out of class to prevent the risk of a boy becoming distracted,” Giles said. “The new dress code is awesome. My female friends and I honestly have a better sense of focus because we don’t have to worry if we’re going to be punished for wearing clothes that we’re comfortable in. The new dress code has dramatically improved the learning environment for students from my perspective.”