Band director gets to set the tone

Mid-year hire last year, director Brandon Martel begins his first full summer and fall seasons with his musicians


Race Eisen

Martel leads his instrumental music class.

Brandon Martel arrived to our school mid-year in 2018-19 as our new band director, so this year marks his first chance to be present for band camp in August, when directors establish the goals for the competition season.

Martel’s passion for music, specifically band, sparked during his early days of education. His involvement in band in high school influenced his decision on becoming a band director.

“I had kind of been involved in music most of my life,” Martel said. “Initially, I had other plans, but then I was just sitting in band, and I was like, ‘I could see myself doing this for my life and my career.’”

Before transitioning here, Martel was the band director of Franklinton High School and Southern Nash High School. He later chose to direct band here due to his love of the area.

“It was one of those ‘right place at the right time’ sort of things,” Martel said. “The job opened up and I decided to interview. I lived in Wake Forest for four years now, and I really liked the area and community.”

Martel approaches this school year looking to introduce band to younger students in our community.

“Some of the things we are doing is that we are increasing our recruiting efforts,” Martel said. “So this year, I want to do a concert at our local elementary schools, and that will definitely help with enrollment in the long run.”

Being a part of our band program now, Martel looks forward to this year with positivity and high hopes for the performances ahead.

“We have a great group of kids in both marching band and in class,” Martel said. “Things have been really positive, and that will definitely translate to some really good musical moments that we can have: concerts, football games, and things like that.”