Donald Hartsfield named 2019 Trentini Scholarship recipient


Gabby Valentine, Staff Reporter

Senior Donald Hartsfield’s outstanding traits were recognized by his teachers and peers, leading him to win the 2019 Trentini Scholarship.

Hartsfield has shown an extraordinary work ethic in and outside of school. Over the years, he has built a reputation to make him stand out from the rest of the students. Hartsfield’s teachers recognize his outstanding character and reflect on him as a person.

“I think he’s really, honestly, concerned about his reputation. I think he wants to do good. He’s a really good person. He’s sincere in his caring for other people and his caring for his own work,” said DECA coordinator Kristi Walker. “That was a lot of the reason why I made him president because I really think he sincerely cares about other people, and I think when you’re willing to do that, you also have to care about yourself to want to care about other people, too.”

Throughout Hartsfield’s high school career, he has received a lot of inspiration to get him where he is today. His role models have been a motivation for him throughout his journey and will continue to be throughout his life.

“Being a Trentini Scholar means the world to me. It has given me the opportunity to show everyone who has supported me and invested their time in me that it was not for nothing. Seeing the love and support from everyone was the best feeling I have ever felt. It also motivates me to never let them down. I am determined to go into the world and be an example to everyone around me. Anything is possible if you are focused and work hard for it,” Hartsfield said.

Not only have his teachers been an inspiration, but Hartsfield has also inspired them as well.

“What makes Donald an outstanding student is his kind demeanor and positive attitude. He is nice to everyone. He is helpful when asked and has the initiative to help even when not asked,” said Spanish teacher Ersilia Filauro said.

The core values Hartsfield possesses are what makes him original. Originality is one of the most important qualities to coach Anthony Trentini, for whom the scholarship is named.

“Coach Trentini valued the good in everyone. He believed that people came from different backgrounds and saw their potential before they did. He knew that every conversation, volunteer opportunity and student had value,” Hartsfield said. “I understand that every opportunity to help someone makes a big difference and that if you invest your time in improving any situation, that it will have a positive outcome. I think that the quality we share is one of loving our community and seeing its potential for it.”

Hartsfield shares his key to success and motivates those pursuing their goals.

“I would say to do what you love and find your own definition of success. If you enjoy skateboarding, go teach others how to skate. If you enjoy working with animals, go volunteer at a local shelter,”

Hartsfield said, “Don’t stress yourself out about doing things that you think will either look good on a resume, but impact the world in your own way no matter how big or small. Scholarship committees love when you are enthusiastic and excited about things you are passionate about, and they can tell when you’re not.”