Science olympiad team results

Race Eisen, Staff reporter

The Science Olympiad team competed against 32 teams to display their knowledge in science.

This year, the team improved over the 2018 finish.

“We were the last trophy place because we finished 6 out of 32 teams. But, it was an improvement on last year’s place, where we finished 12th,” Tara “Wojo” Wojciechowski said.

Though they finished stronger than their last season, Wojo can identify areas to improve upon for 2020.

“If we started building things sooner, because we are procrastinators, but that starts from the top. I’m a procrastinator, so they are procrastinators because I don’t stay on top of them,” Wojo said. “But, that doesn’t bother me because we still placed pretty high and had fun doing it.”

Sophomore Fatima Elhanouch agrees that there’s still room for improvement for the team and herself.

“We did pretty well. We could have prepared a bit more, and I could have studied harder.”

With their weaknesses identified by both the mentor and student, the Science Olympiad team’s goal is to aim for a higher place in next season’s competition.