New AP Classes Story


Carley Parrish, Staff Reporter

With the news of new AP classes joining the list of available courses for students to take, the preparing teachers are eager to begin teaching.

AP Music Theory will be taught by Brandon Martel, the current band director. He is seeking out people who would want to participate in this coming elective.

“It is highly recommended for students who wish to pursue a career in music, as well as those who want a college arts credit before graduation,” Martel said.

Having taught this class before, Martel is familiar with the rigorous and thorough curriculum.

“We will study the music of many great classical composers, including Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, as well as popular, jazz and Broadway music,” Martel said. “We will explore how composers construct music and how music changed through history. I will also teach the students how to sing music at sight.”
Lisa Fuller will begin teaching AP Computer Science Principles next year with hopes to guide students on how to best utilize technology in their lives.

“Computer science is everywhere, from our smartphones and videogames to music, medicine and much more. AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) can help you understand how computing and technology influences the world around you,” Fuller said. “Students will learn how to creatively address real-world issues while using the same tools and processes that artists, writers, computer scientists and engineers use to bring ideas to life.”