Deskus earns the WCPSS Employee Excellence Award


Runder Rains, Staff Reporter

Sap Coordinator Jodi Deskus received the WCPSS  Employee Excellence Award in December.

“It is such an honor and I am very, very grateful for this award,”Jodi Deskus said. “This is my tenth year and the year my daughter will graduate from WFHS, so it’s a particularly meaningful year for me.”

“It recognizes WCPSS employees who go above and beyond for students. It is a way to honor staff members who are leaders, hard workers and provide excellent service to students, families and staff,” Laura Inscoe, dean of students said.

Deskus has a heavy amount of responsibility as the school’s social worker. She provides a safe place to help students with their school, home and personal problems.

“Ms. Deskus is dedicated to the students at WFHS and the Wake Forest community. She works with students in crisis, provides support to those in transition and refers to appropriate outside resources,” Inscoe said.

Including many reasons Deskus deserves the award, her dedication to the school, families and all students is one of the biggest.

“On a daily basis, many students confide in her when they are in crisis or have personal needs. She helps families find shelter, get furniture and food and put pieces of their lives back together,” Inscoe said. “She is not judgmental, is relatable and makes people feel comfortable sharing necessary, but heavy information. Ms. Deskus maintains a sense of humor and finds the positive in many sad situations.”

Deskus feels certain traits help her help others.

“Consistency, good solid training, a sense of humor and the fact that I truly love this job and am so grateful to have the ability to help others every day,” Deskus said.

Deskus has personal ties to the school as well.

For Deskus, her clientele are what motivate her.

Deskus said, “It is always the students for me.  Any/every effort I make at WFHS is to directly or indirectly better serve our students, provide support, develop creative ways to keep access to education available and accessible to all.”