Unity Committee seeks to further positivity throughout the school

Alysha Stallings, Staff Reporter

The Unity Committee is a place to discuss problems and make ideas for our school to be a more positive place.

“It gives students a voice and ensures that students feel welcome at school,” Dean of Students Laura Inscoe said.

Inscoe wanted to create the club because she wanted to offer students a way to improve the school’s climate.

“I decided to join this amazing club because I knew that it would have a positive impact that I wanted to be apart of,” Senior Carmen Haywood said.

To get into this committee; one has to apply.

“I think you have to apply to get into this club because we want to be sure that we have a powerful, diverse and intelligent group. We want to be sure that the people in this club are about business and come in with a great reason to be in the club,” Haywood said.

Members need to be driven to serve and desire to tackle tough issues.

“It’s something you have to want and be passionate about, not something to throw onto another college application. You have to show that you are determined and well qualified for it,” sophomore John Ogidi said.

In addition to discussing issues, the club members attend events on behalf of our school.

In these events, I learn many valuable lessons, skills and I always gain more knowledge. With everything that I’ve received from these events, I come back to school and share what I learned and how my experience was,” Haywood said.

Ogidi is proud of his involvement.

“I feel great about this committee; just knowing that it’s for a good cause and working

towards better things,” Ogidi said.

Haywood feels the committee has a key role to play.

“This committee holds a great purpose in the school and the community. I personally feel that this is needed in many areas of our community, and I am proud to be a part of unity,” Haywood said.

For Ogidi, his continued participation is a certainty.

Ogidi said, “Yes, I will remain in this club next year because it feels the other way around in my view. I feel like it’s a privilege to be in this committee.”