Students support lunch change

Administration moves from three to two lunches.


Hannah Kinstle, Opinion editor

Within the past few years, school administration has made many modifications to the lunch schedule, most recently seeing a change from the three lunches to two. Students’ preferences differ in terms of the number of lunch times available.

Principal Patti Hamler believes that having only two lunches is beneficial in many ways.

“The main reason for only having two lunches had a lot to do with instructional time during the day. With three lunches there is a lot less instructional time and that affects students and teachers. There is also more time for students to eat with only two lunches,” Hamler said.

Freshman Megan Harvey agrees with Hamler.

“I feel like if we switched to A, B and C lunches there would be less time to eat and you would either be eating in the morning or in the afternoon and even though it might be less crowded the times wouldn’t be right,” Harvey said.

Due to our school being the most populated it has ever been, potential issues have arisen.

“Some negative effects include having too many kids in each lunch, so there’s slight overcrowding. The overcrowding leads to safety issues because it would be hard to calmly get that many people out safely”, Hamler said. With there being a large amount of students in lunch, we have opened up the commons area, which means there are alot more teachers taking time out of their day to watch over the lunches.

If we were to add the third lunch back, it would cause two out of the three lunches to be too early or too late. With that, it would affect the students and even the teachers due to being hungry but not being able to eat. Some students have already adjusted to this year’s revised schedule, and do not welcome any change.

“I would not like it (A lunch) because I like eating at the time I do now and I am used to it. So eating would screw up my whole breakfast schedule,” Harvey said.

With the addition of a third lunch, first and third lunch would be at awkward times in the day.

“I would probably be “hangry” by then (C lunch). It’s two different ends of the spectrum, if I was in A lunch I could do that, but if I was in C lunch I wouldn’t be so happy,” freshman Julia Holcomb said.

Administration has changed the lunches with good intentions as they believe having only two lunches benefits the student body as a whole.

Hamler said, “I definitely think having just A B lunch has a more positive outcome because there is more instructional time in each class, there is more time to eat lunch. Along with less students in the halls for transitions.”