Students state requests for President


Andrew Robidoux, Reporter

As Trump completes his first year in office, students were asked what they would like to see the president do or not do in his second year

Freshman Nick Khouri has certain expectations for the president.

“I want Trump to think more about the middle class Americans,” Khouri said.

Alyssa Bentley, freshman has hopes from an environmental standpoint.

“I want to him to contribute to stop climate change,” Bentley said.

Bentley also touches on the controversial issue of net neutrality.

“I want Congress to make sure net neutrality doesn’t go away,” Bentley said.

Khouri has other thoughts towards what would make America better.

“I want Americans to stop discriminating,” Khouri said

Freshman Aniya Carter hopes for a less-discriminatory future for America.

Carter said, “Americans need to stop being racist.”

Sophomore Mia Fauceglia pictures a less Twitter-dominated presidency in 2018.

“I would like Trump to stop tweeting and just going to twitter for everything,” Fauceglia said

Sydnee Taylor, junior has an interesting take on what she’d like to see from congress.

Taylor said, “I would like congress to allow teenagers to drink whenever they want.”

Junior Ryan Havens touches on the topic of the border wall.

“We don’t really need a wall. I mean a wall would be nice, I guess. It’d be like another world wonder,” Havens said.

Havens has other ideas towards what President Trump should do in 2018.

Havens said, “I want Trump to resign in 2018, not impeach himself because it’s not the same as resigning.”