WF earns $50,000 dynamic learning space grant

2600 and 1200 hallway to be renovated

Nick Fekaris, Assistant Editor

Students and teachers should expect big changes to how and where they interact.

Recently, the school earned a grant from Wake County that provided money for renovations to the building. These renovations will be used to build two dynamic learning spaces.

These dynamic learning spaces will be a place for students to interact, create and share their ideas.

Administration already knows the desired place for these spaces.

“One will be on the 2600 hall, so that will kind of be the tower-upperclassmen kind of area, and then the lower level will be the 1200 hall, or the intersection of the 1100 and the 1200, where those locker bays are,” assistant principal Trey Salacki said.

Salacki said that the specifics have not been ironed out yet, but media specialist Heather Fields hopes that the spaces might include a 70 inch LCD display screen, comfy seating, mobile tables and white board surfaces everywhere.

All of these items will help Salacki’s vision for these learning spaces come to fruition.

“I think you’re going to see a lot more teachers and students taking risks because this is going to be a different learning environment that we’re going to have to kind of feel out and figure out how we teach in this environment,” Salacki said.

Fields hopes the environmental changes will benefit the school.

“Being able to pull them out of their classroom where they will have more space, more flexibility, giving the students more of an opportunity to move around and collaborate, this will help instruction overall in our building,” Fields said.

With these new learning environments coming, Salacki feels dynamic learning space is the best name for them.
Salacki said, “Dynamic means that there might be an assignment where you might work together in groups, or where your teacher brings you back together as a whole and then sometimes where you might have to research on your own, so that’s dynamic. It’s constantly changing, and it’s a space that’s going to fit that kind of learning model.”