Students selected for prestigious Governor’s School

Hailey Mercurio, Assistant Sports Editor

The Governor’s School is a prestigious five-week academy over the summer that allows students to explore and build skills.

This year three WF students were selected to attend: sophomore Sydney Rowlette for chorus, junior Natasha Toledo for theatre, and sophomore Carly Hebert for chorus.

“I’m hoping to meet new people and enjoy a school setting without pressures of school,” Rowlette said.
Students apply to attend the prestigious school for a variety of reasons some being poetry, theatre, chorus and many others.

“Definitely leadership skills, people skills and making friends with people who enjoy theater as much as I do,” Toledo said.

The academy is enriched with experiences and past WF students have said it had a transformative effect.

Toledo said, “I found out about Governor’s School my freshman year, and it seemed life changing, so I had to apply.”