Students attend NC Central District Band Clinic


Junior Timothy Tucker Jr. was one of the students who was selected for the NC Central District Band Clinic. In his audition, Tucker Jr. scored high enough in Jazz to audition for an all-state Jazz band.

Stephen Knecht, Staff Reporter

At the NC Central District Band Clinic Jan. 27, four students represented the school and brought music to peoples’ ears.

“It’s a great honor because not everyone gets to do it,” junior Timothy Tucker Jr. said. “Being selected was great because it lets me know my hard work is paying off.”

Before the students reached the competition stage, each one had to prepare for auditions by creating a solo piece and sight reading for a panel of six judges.

According to Band Director Timothy Tucker Sr., father of Timothy Tucker Jr., the judges evaluate rhythmic accuracy, tone, musicianship and then they select the top student for each instrument.

With continuous practice, the students not only passed their auditions, but some were able to gain high scores.

“I gave them a solo list before the audition, and I arranged for the four that made it to take private lessons outside of school,” Timothy Sr. said. “TJ and Callum scored high in their audition to be able to audition for state level, and TJ scored high enough in Jazz to audition in an all-state Jazz band.”

After auditions the four chosen students had to practice for the event.

“We were given the music a few days in advance to learn, and one of the songs was given while we were there, so we had to learn it fast,” sophomore Colin Lemarchand said.

They were given an assortment of songs that most of them had not played before.

“We played five pieces in total,” sophomore Alexander Kuropas said. “’Puszta’ was the most interesting to play.”

Other pieces included “Country Gardens,” “Wondrous,” “American Fan Fair” and “Crazy Quilt”.

Each student took time to individually improve their skills in order to collaborate and sound better as a whole.

“I practiced all the music and played to make my overall tone better,” Kuropas said.

Despite their preparation, the students experienced mixed feelings before the event.

“I was really excited because this clinic happens once every year,” Timothy Jr. said. “I have lots of friends from different schools that got accepted, and seeing them again was great.”

In order to motivate and encourage the students, Timothy Sr. offered them advice.

“I told them to relax and do the best they can,” Timothy Sr. said.

After the concert, some students experienced a change of attitude and a greater appreciation for their talent.

“I developed a renewed passion for music,” junior Callum Campbell.

Other students plan on furthering their musical careers in the future.

Lemarchand said, “It will take a lot of effective practice, staying focused and never giving up on what I’m doing. I have to be more persistent.”