Oh to be a kid again…

Toys our students wish they were young again to enjoy this holiday season


What current toy on the market makes you wish you were still a kid so you could ask for it?

Rose Wallace, Science Teacher- “Goldie Blox because it’s an engineering kit for girls and I didn’t have that growing up.”

Chris Guccio, 9- “Beyblades. Those were lit.”

Julian Prosser, 12- “I want a quadcopter because they’re like flying machines of death that you can record stuff with.”

Ryan Havens, 10- “I don’t want anything, I respect that Christmas is for Jesus Christ, our lord and savior. I don’t want any presents.”

John Cook, English Teacher- “So there’s a mini NES Nintendo that came out in the early 90’s so it’s a nostalgic thing for people my age and then the other thing that would be fun to have is a remote control, you can control it with an app on your phone or IPad R2D2 so if i could get those I would be pretty happy on Christmas morning.”

Micah Floyd, 9- “Soccer boppers, they are inflatable gloves you put on your hands and hit people with.”

Chase Stokes, 11- “A toy I’ve seen is a robot that you control with your smart phone and I wish I had it as a kid.”

Wendy Brautman, Science Teacher- “My children are in their twenties but I’m old. I don’t know, I like the x-box computer stuff, I think it’s cool, we didn’t have those growing up.”

Riley Hall, 12- “All the finding dory stuff because they have collectible erasers at target like tell me that’s not cool.”

Sarah Larsen, English Teacher- “I want the ninja turtle sewer house because it’s awesome and they were popular when i was growing up.”

Stephoni Minter, 12- “Those electric cars the kids run around in because it reminds of a simpler time.”

Amy Plaxton, 10- “One of the automatic cars for kids, I’m jealous.”

James Black, 12- “Nerf gun because they taught me to become a man, I fought a lot of good fights with them. Did a lot of damage.”