NC Supreme Court Justice educates Civics students


Parker Wooten, Reporter

North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby visited Wake Forest to give a presentation to Civics and Economics and Law and Justice Classes. He covered what it was like to be a judge in the state Supreme Court and gave examples of real cases to the classes.

Students were able to participate in an interactive court choosing if the suspect was innocent or guilty.

“I think the most interesting part was when he told us the story. He gave us the details about the case that he made an example of with the guy who was drunk and flipped his jeep over killing his girlfriend in the water. It was more interactive, so you could see how people thought he was guilty or not,” senior Salvador Chavero said.

Newby’s presentation changed how some students view the judiciary.

“It showed the students more respect of how the judicial branch works,” junior Mary Brennan Page said.

Newby chose not to discuss controversial topics because it was near election time, but students still enjoyed him coming to speak.

“I think it was great of him to come out to speak to us, but I was hoping for more. It seemed a bit lecture-like, and as a judge he couldn’t get into the more controversial topics, which are the exact ones that are the most interesting,” senior Nyawira Nyota said.

Students learned some of the daily challenges judges face.

“I saw how sometimes the judges have to make difficult decisions and it maybe is not as cut and dry as it seems when taught in class,” Nyota said.

During Newby’s visit he told many stories about being a justice.

“The stories he told were very moving and had a large impact on me,” Page said.

Newby gave lots of advice to the students. He even advised students to read more.

“I thought the most interesting thing he said was if he could tell his 18 year old self something, he would tell him to read more, read more books and read more legal documents,” social studies teacher Brad Baker said.

Baker looks forward to scheduling more guest speakers in the future.

Baker said, “I like to schedule guest speakers because I believe the students get more out of it from someone who is a professional.”