Our election poll results are in…and the winner is


The results are in and students have spoken.

The Forest Fire distributed 500 polls to various classes at the beginning of November. Not all students who received polls participated or answered all the questions.

But for those who did a picture of the 2016 election through student eyes emerges.

Here’s who responded:

9th 59
10th 61
11th 67
12th 101

We asked students to characterize the state of the nation. Here’s what they were feeling.

I like the direction of the country. 8
I mostly like the direction but see problems. 87
I mostly dislike the direction but see positives. 90
I am opposed to the direction of the country. 47
I am indifferent to the direction of the country. 23

Students were asked to which party defines them if they could register today. Of 290 who responded, here’s their picks:

Democrat 29 percent
Republican 34 percent
Independent 37 percent

Indecision ruled the day. As of the beginning of this month, in the presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial races, many students were undecided, making a prediction difficult:

President (250 respondents)

Clinton 74
Trump 83
Johnson 14
Stein 7
Undecided 72

Senator (289 respondents)

Burr 74
Ross 55
Undecided 160

Governor (301 respondents)

Cooper 97
McCrory 82
Undecided 122

Students were also asked which national issue mattered most to them. Below are their concerns in order of most to least respondents.


Terrorism / Isis 61
Racism 31
Economy 30
Equal pay for women 26
Bee population decline 21
Police shootings / training 20
Global warming 18
Gun violence 18
Immigration 16
Student debt 15
LGBT rights 13

Students also selected which issues facing N.C. mattered most to them.

Economy 52
HB-2 51
Paying for college 45
Police shootings / training 29
Racism 29
Fracking 14
N.C. crime lab delays 5