Students respond to Presidential Election


Jules Micchia, Sports Editor

Silent Generation, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and now Generation Z: they had their chance. Now it’s yours. What issues directly affect you?

Many students are questioning the qualification level of the candidates. In fact, many students don’t want to vote at all.

“I am not voting for anyone because both candidates don’t know what they are doing. No matter which candidate gets in office we are screwed,” senior Daniel Schaaf said.

This election has brought to light many issues yet to be addressed.

“I feel this is an important election as it shows how far we have actually come since all of the social turmoil of the past decades. It also determines how our nation will change socially in the next four years,” senior Emily Babb said.

This election continues to break barriers and cause uproar from the public, including students.

“I feel like this election is an important one as it will certainly be in the history books,” senior Maddy McNally said.

Many students disagree with aspects of a certain candidate but still side with him or her.

“I dislike that Hillary Clinton is such a politician. What I mean by this is I don’t like how she lies, but weighing that with the qualities of the opposition, her negative qualities do not pale in comparison to those of Donald Trump’s. Trump has risen to be a universal symbol of hate as he has openly expressed discrimination against select groups of people, which is in no way shape or form okay. The president is supposed to be for the people, and how can you abide by that if you discriminate against the people of your country?” Babb said.

Students have found many flaws on both sides.

“I dislike that Hillary does not seem to have any actual political beliefs and simply does or says whatever she thinks the people want her to,” senior Joe Haston said. “I dislike that Trump has no political experience and seems to be someone who could be the catalyst of conflict between many other nations of the world. I also dislike the racism and overall hatred that Trump displays and nurtures within his supporters.”

Trump’s recent remarks in the presidential debates have caused backlash, but he still has support.

“I’m voting for Donald Trump. He is most prepared to address my concerns as he has had a lot of experience as a business man, and I believe that this experience will help to better our economy and bring back jobs that have been sent overseas,” McNally said.

Opposing students have conflicting opinions towards Trump.

“I am voting for Hillary Clinton because she believes in equality for all humans while the opposing candidate has a complete disregard for human life,” Babb said.

Babb has political conversations with her father, and although they have different views they have found common ground.

“After much daily discussion about the candidates, my father has changed his views that align more with Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. My father may like Donald Trump’s economic policies, but while realizing what he stands for and the people that support him, he has realized that that is more important than economics right now,” Babb said.

Haston said, “This election seems very strange to me. The candidates are both people that many have no real support for, other than to choose the lesser of two evils, as many have said. I do not know how good of a president either of them will be, but it will be an interesting new era of politics in either case.”