New Dean of Students sets goals for year


Allyson Freeman

Jasmine Alston serves as the new Dean of Students.

Kerrigan Zambrana, Staff Reporter

New Dean of Students Jasmine Alston begins her position with the hope of giving students a more comfortable environment.

Alston believes her most important role in our school is helping “to support and advocate for students.”

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Alston grew up with one sister, a mom and a dad. In her high school career she had a growing love for reading, culinary arts and dance.

“My dad worked in the high school, so I had to be the best student I could,” Alston said.

Academically, in high school Alston was number two in her class of 500 students.

Her passion for education guided her to achieve her bachelor’s degree in English at Virginia Union University and then her master’s degree in Counselor Education at Virginia State University, a total of six years in college.

During those six years, Alston had many memorable experiences.

“What can I say in a high school newspaper? Joining a sorority was my favorite experience, Delta Sigma Theta,” Alston said.

Alston’s biggest material fears are moths, crickets, grasshoppers or anything crawly.

A deeper, more personal fear would be that she doesn’t “ever want to disappoint people, especially her family.”

Before Alston came here, she bounced around middle and high schools teaching English and counseling in Virginia and North Carolina.

Alston followed her husband here where she became a counselor at Wakefield High School.

“My favorite aspects of working in a school are the kids,” Alston said.

In her career, her most memorable moment would be to see everyone graduate annually.

Alston’s piece of advice to high school students today is that there is no limit to success.

Alston said, “Never be satisfied, always keep pushing, never be complacent.”