Students inducted into Tri-M Music Society


Suzanne Blake

Junior Gabriella Dangler performs during the induction ceremony, which celebrated both choral and instrumental aspects of musical ability.

Samantha Bennett, Photography Editor

The Tri-M Music Society is the international music honor society designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements.

It rewards them for their accomplishments and service activities, and inspires other students to become great at music and leadership.

Two weeks ago, Jan. 28, 20 students were inducted to the honor society. All students had to apply by having good grades and getting recommendations.

Three guidelines each inductee must have are music participation, academic achievement and character strength to be qualified.

Sophomores who were inducted include Maddie Briley, Kayle Brown, Nicole Buxbaum, Ally Cefalu, Kelli Connor, Melanie Dayan, Hailey Fletcher, Anna Greaves, April Houghland , Anna Kim, Audrey Kuga, Abby Peabody and Natasha Toledo.

Juniors who were inducted include Austin Burnett, Megan Harvey, Alpha Kuyateh, Sarah Mastillone and Kristina Ridder.

Seniors who were inducted include Sarah Brazil and Tincy Thankachan.