Students cite influential teachers, coaches

Marielle Curcio , Staff Reporter

As students move through their four years of high school, teachers can make a huge impact with help in class, life advice and awesome memories.
“I took art my junior year and was automatically inspired by Mr. Gasper. Now, I’m considering majoring in art in college. The classes I’ve taken in art have been totally inspirational and comforting, and I feel like a lot of that has to do with how it’s taught,” Annika Hanley said.
Along with Hanley, Bre’anna Tucker has been inspired by one of her teachers.
“Mrs. Wojo made a memorable impact on my life because she is always happy and full of life. She made me realize there’s no reason not to be like that,” Tucker said.
Many teachers provide advice and support to help students through hardships, and they become mentors in a teen’s time of need.
“Ms. Crouse made a memorable impact on my life. I was going through some hard times while in her class, and she was always so understanding, which made me feel a lot more at ease with the workload in her AP English IV class,” Brooklynn Brown said.
Teachers are often who students go to for guidance, and they are trusted to help them through the high school journey.
“Ms. Prather helped me with personal problems, supported me in applying to college and is always kind and caring,” Tony Elias said.
“Ms. Ellis and Ms. Martin-Smith both cared about my life and gave me advice like a mother or an older sister figure. They looked out for me,” Moriah Van Voorhis said.
“Ms. Larsen was like an unofficial “big sister” to me. She gave me advice in all aspects of life and always pushed me to be the best version of myself,” Chandler Byrd said.
Even if they aren’t told enough, students realize everything teachers do and have done for them. Especially with the maturity of being a senior, students become highly appreciative.
“Ms. Harris is a great teacher and  she truly cares for her students,” Erin McDonald said.
“I’ve never had Ms. Hartman as a teacher, but she was my National Honor Society advisor. She cares so much about everyone. She’s an amazing person and she does so much for this school,” Gabrielle Micchia said.
Many teachers find a balance between working hard and having fun, and students notice this dedication.
“Mr. Domack, because he is hilarious and manages to be silly and fun along with being able to get the job done,” Charles Hallman said.
“Ms. Rogers, she’s very easy to talk to and very down to Earth. I can tell that she really cares about her students,” Belyin Gutierrez said.
Along with advice and support on a personal level, teachers offer a lot of skills and ideas that students will use throughout their lifetime.
“Colonel Belmont is very knowledgeable and helped me in making life decisions,” William Hanen said.
Ashley Bowen said, “Ms. Page has taught me more real life skills in two semesters than a lot of my classes could have combined.”