Seniors opt to serve their country

Emma Vukovich, Staff Reporter

Looking towards their future, several students have made the commitment to serve their fellow citizens as members of the armed forces, continuing a long and rich tradition of citizen soldiers who volunteer to serve.
“Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to serve our country. Also, there are a lot of great benefits that go along with deciding to join the military,” senior Brian Duran said.
Senior Lawrence Williams recognizes another key benefit given to those who faithfully serve our nation.
“They are going to pay for my education, so I am definitely trying to get my degree through the military. I want to move up in the ranks as I go along and reach a high position along and reach a high position eventually,” Williams said.
Other enlistees plan on accessing this benefit as well.
“I want to complete my four years and have my college paid for. After that I plan on being an officer, then after that a cop,” senior William Haner said.
Duran hopes obtaining his degree will help in his advancement in the Marines.
“I want to get my associates while I’m in the Marines, and once I’m out I want to use my GI bill to get my bachelor’s. After doing that, I want to return to the military as an officer,” Duran said.
For many students the military offers an affordable way to begin a degree in an engineering field.
“I plan on working on my nuclear technician degree during my years in the Navy. The fact that the prices of college are so high and that they offer to pay for my education made the military route very attractive,” senior Jake Kirk said.
Not only has the offer of a fully-paid college education drawn in students, but involvement with the JROTC program has inspired them to join the military after high school.
“JROTC has definitely taught me discipline and hard work and being about business. Since I have JROTC, I go in already a few ranks above everyone else,” Williams said.
Duran was also a cadet.
“Thanks to JROTC, I have learned different ways of accomplishing my goals such as all the different branches and routes that are available to me. The Marines happens to be the best for me. JROTC taught me leadership skills and the value of respect,” Duran said.
Haner also credits JROTC with preparing him for his future.
“The program teaches you the basics of how you need to act once you are in the military,” Haner said.
One student who was never part of the JROTC program, Zach Pryor, grants his decision of joining the Army or Marines to family influence.
“My family was my biggest influence in joining the military. The men in my family have served our country dating all the way back to my great grandfather,” Pryor said.
Whether it’s a dream they have had since they were little, a smart economic decision or a profession that runs in the family, all of these students have made the brave and respectable choice of joining the military.
Thank you for your years of service to come.