Students train for veterinarian field


Julia Collner, Photography Editor

For students looking for a career in the veterinarian field, the new vet science class is for you.
Teaching students the fundamentals needed for vet school, the vet science class also prepares students who wish to become veterinarian technicians or assistants.
“It gives them the background, meaty information that they are going to need to know either for vet school or if they want to be a vet tech later down on the line. I always tell them that they are going to be more prepared if they go into a work program after high school,” Vet Science teacher Justine Ellis said.
Learning about giving injections, radiology and how to properly hold animals are only a few examples of what students learn.
“Mrs. Ellis sometimes brings in her dog for us to physically see what we are learning about,” junior Kelsey Smith said.
With vet school being as competitive as it is, this class helps put students ahead of others by setting up internships and giving needed background knowledge.
“We try to do as much hands on here, but mostly it’s an informational

class and hopefully setting up those vet work internships for them to get the true hands on information they need for working as a vet,” Ellis said

By participating in this program, it is setting students up to make a good impression on future employers.
“I always tell them that they are going to be more prepared,” Ellis said. “They will look really good to anyone who wants to hire them.”
For junior Annie Durham this class has helped her ignite her desire to be a vet.
“I have always wanted to be a vet, but after taking this class and learning more about it, I am more excited for vet school, and I am ready to learn more,” Durham said.
In order to take the class, students have to take Animal Science one and two and fill out an application.
Ellis said, “We have a lot of interest, but the only problem is the class can only hold ten, and I say that as a problem, meaning I wish we could have more, but the plus side of it is that there is ten, and I can work with them each individually, and hopefully as the program grows, they’re able to go out and do a work study where they have class here a couple times a week.”