Seniors ponder 2014 gift

Isaiah Lindsey, Opinion Editor

With the year more than half-way over, the time is drawing close for the senior class to decide what gift they will leave behind as a legacy

The senior gift is a long-standing tradition that not only gives the senior class a chance to help their school, but also to leave their mark on the school after they are gone.

The money for the senior gift comes from the senior’s own pockets through the senior dues, which are paid when they buy their cap and gowns.

Although the money available is a considerable amount, it is not enough to get anything too extravagant.

“I think $500 is our limit,” Senior Class President Emily Hartman said.

The student’s also have the final decision in what to get the school.

“Honestly, I try and let the students decide. The administration has ideas of what they would like, but as the senior class advisor I think it’s important to let the senior class council have a say in the decision,” Senior Class Advisor Laura Pierrie said.

The senior council does not know for sure what they want to donate to the school, but they do have a few ideas.

“We’ve talked about getting a new sign in front, like where they marked off Rolesville with tiles. We also talked about getting a new cougar suit, and we’ve talked about getting tunnels for the football players to run out of to reward them for making it to the state championship,” Hartman said.

However, the senior council does not want to make the decision on their own. They want the senior class themselves to have a say in it as well.
Hartman said, “I guess I’m going to try and ask around and try to get the popular vote and see what people think is the best idea.”