Art takes learning to the AP level

Emily Wentworth , Reporter

Next year the art department has decided to take its course offerings to the next level. Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, it will offer AP Visual Arts.

Art teacher Ted Gasper feels as though adding an advanced art class will lure additional students to the school.

“We want to offer this course to bring in the parents of students who might go to a different school because we offer a little bit more dynamic choice offering,” Gasper said.

Offering this course will allow students with a great deal of interest and high motivation in art to take a course that will meet their needs. Many students are already excited about what opportunities this class may hold.

“I think it would help improve my overall style of art and prepare for a future career,” junior Paige Antonelli said.

Antonelli has taken all available art courses we offer and is interested in furthering her education and technique.

Many factors have yet to be determined when it comes to the course. There is currently no minimum number when it comes to the required amount of students, but according to Candice Jones, assistant principal at least 15 students are wanted.

One of the undetermined factors is the eligibility requirements.

“It would probably be mandatory that they would have already take Art II or III, and they would have to have a recommendation for sure,” Gasper said.

The course has piqued the interest of quite a few students. Not only will students be able to prepare themselves for a future in art, but they will have the potential to earn the AP credit.

Although earning the AP credit intrigues many, students are still eager to take this course based on the knowledge it will offer.

I just love art,” junior Jarret Gunter said.

Gunter has taken art I-III and wants to take the new course to help refine his art style. He is eager to find out where his art could take him in the future and thinks this course could help him do that.

Even though class registration has already ended, students can still talk to their counselor about switching into AP Visual Arts.