Students dance at Orange Bowl


Brandi Norton, Reporter

Local dancers recently enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime experience of performing at the half-time show for the Orange Bowl game.
To prepare for the performance, the first thing the dancers had to go through was an audition to see where they would best be placed for the routine.
“Some of us worked for about a month as soon as we got the choreography,” Kelly Davidson said.
The dancers then had a series of final practices every day for two weeks with a final eight-hour practice the day before the show.
The routines were choreographed to the songs “Hold On,” “5-1-5-0” and “Am I the Only One” by Dierks Bentley.
The process of working together and pulling off a successful show brought the dance company closer.
“During those two weeks, we were together every day, and when we were in Miami we were together all day, and being able to share the experience together was pretty sweet,” senior Allie Mobley said.
Not only did the dancers get the benefit of a unique venue to perform in, but they got the chance to learn from famous choreographers. This gave them a feel for what the dance industry is really about and how much hard work and effort go into every performance.
“It was a lot different than anything I’ve ever had the chance to do. As a dancer it helped me grow and taught me how to act around professional dance teachers,” Davidson said.
The best part for the majority of dancers was actually walking out on to the field and performing in front of fans that were cheering at what all their hard work had produced.
Another favorite part of the experience was simply sharing the field with Bentley. “It didn’t feel real. It felt like a dream kind of,” sophomore Hannah Snow said.
The opportunity “really opened my eyes and showed me dance is something I love and really want to do in the future,” sophomore Rachelle Binkley said.
Junior Madeline Murdock said, “This experience really opened my eyes to a future as a dancer. I’m proud to have been a part of this event.”