Class of 2013 donates mural to historic Trentini stadium


New to Trentini stadium this season, the mural also includes the 2013 class and the WFR logo. The 2013 graduates were the last to attend WFR.

Joe Warn, Reporter

The Cougar Class of 2013 may be gone, but they are most certainly not forgotten.

Before their final departure, they left a permanent mark on the school with their senior gift: the giant cougar looking over beloved Trentini stadium. The mural stretches over the whole area underneath the press box and cost about $800.

Reactions to the mural have been positive, from students and coaches to graduates.

“I like it. It adds character to the stadium that wasn’t there as much before,” football coach Joe Kennedy said.

But what kind of character does it add exactly? Many on the football team believe it gives them more motivation and spirit, which can possibly attribute to this year’s varsity team’s winning streak at home.

“Looking at it just gives you a better feeling, both in practice and in games,” senior Kendrick Black said.

The mural also fuels the fire of the schools committed Cougar Crazy section.

“It was a great idea. Its eyes are fiery just like our spirits,” senior J.D Yoakum said.

Looking upon the mural one must consider what the class of 2013 wanted to leave behind.

“The Class of 2013 was a class that wanted to be recognized. I think they really just wanted to go out with a roar,” Principal Patti Hamler said.

The 2012-2013 seniors’ song was “Tattoos on This Town” and they made sure to leave their own tattoo.

“Being the last graduating class of WF-R, we wanted to make our mark. We figured that a mural would not only beautify the school, but serve as great reminder of the school’s rich history and leave a legacy for our class,” graduate Lindsey Holbrook said.

Looking forward, senior Stephen Williamston considers how his class might impact the stadium.

“All I’d really want change is the amount of people who fill the stadium. I’d like to see the whole school supporting the team. I think that would really show what Wake Forest is about,” Williamston said.