Book Club Reads To Richland Creek Elementary Students

Club members chose titles in advance to share with their younger audiences


Looking up to your peers can be a crucial part of growing up. The way we act or develop into a new person is often dependent on role models. The Book Club recently traveled to Richland Creek Elementary School to read books to all of the kids, hoping to make an impact.

Members had different reasons for signing up for this program.

“I chose to become a reading buddy because I enjoy reading, and I also want to give little kids the opportunity to love reading and get them started on their journey,” junior Lindsay Satcher said.

This experience is as meaningful to the club members as it is to the kids.

I think it is really important. I mean, reading is really important, and when you get to be able to sit down with them and you really grow a personal relationship with them, they have that memory for life, and they kind of remember the first time you sat down and read with them. It will always stick with them. sophomore Erin Jones said. 

In addition to improving reading skills, the program helps kindergarteners socialize with older students.

“I thought it was really good for kindergarteners because they have never really been on a field trip before, and they have never really met anyone, and a lot of them were really terrified to meet new people,” Jones said.

Members enjoy reading to the kids for different reasons.

“I enjoy seeing their reactions because they don’t really hide it. If a shocking part of the plot comes up, they get all excited and make all these assumptions and stuff. It’s cool to see how their brain works from a young age, interpreting the book,” Satcher said.

Junior Ashley Clarkson describes what she enjoys observing in the young students.

“I like to see how far they are able to read already and their comments on the book.”

Before the visit, book club members chose a book to read with their buddies.

“I chose the books because I feel like they fit with what I like but also fit with the kids I read to, and I think it will be easy for them to understand it and know what they’re reading or hearing,” Satcher said.

The Reading Buddies program gives young readers new learning opportunities through interaction with older students. Jones expresses why she is passionate about the program.

“I love reading, and I love reading to little kids. It’s really amazing, and I love being able to share my personal love of reading with them,” Jones said.