Local Center Opens up for Young Artists’ Work

Miranda Gonzalez, Audio Editor

Wake Forest art students were given the opportunity to showcase their art at the Renaissance Centre Nov. 1. During the one-night-only event, students of all art levels displayed their work at the gallery.

Artwork covered the whole interior of the room, and the space shined with creativity and originality. Students submitted pieces that consisted of different medias and colors. The variety of art pieces showcased each individual’s artistic talent.

The gallery was open to any student who wanted to enter, whether they were enrolled in an art course or not. Students entered pieces they constructed in class or on their own time.

Wake Forest Renaissance Centre Specialist Debra Horton oversaw the event and allowed for both students and professional artists to present their work. The students of Wake Forest shared the space with the Wake Forest Guild of Artists, creating an interesting flow of professional and amateur, and allowing an opportunity for students to see the artwork of local professional artists.

The art show stood as an introduction to the world of art for many involved. For most students, this was their first experience displaying their art. The exhibit served as an insight for aspiring artists as to what they could look forward to in their future.