Thespians Perform New Take on Classic Tale

“Anonymous” provides a modern take on Homer’s “The Odyssey”

Sienna McGariggle, Staff Reporter

In early November students performed “Anonymous,” the first theatre production directed by the new head of the Theatre department, Kristin Rendina.

“Anonymous” is a modern twist on the famous Homer epic, “The Odyssey.” It follows the story of Anon, a refugee in search of a new home. Along the way, other refugees and cultures play a part in the journey to find Anon’s identity.

Sophomore, Tate Kapitza, a supporting lead explains his new membership to the theatre community.

“My whole life I’ve wanted to entertain people. This year I finally decided to just go for it, so I
tried out, and I actually got the part.”

Other members of the cast have had more experience on the stage.

“I’ve always been involved in the theater program, so it was a no brainer to be in in the play,”
senior Fatmatta Kuyateh, who has been acting all four years of her high school career, said.

According to the student actors, this production pushed them out of their comfort zone and
introduced new challenges.

“The show is really different from anything we’ve ever done,” said senior Regan Cochrane, a female
lead who has been involved with theatre for five years.

“I was really nervous to sing in a different language in front of all our cast at first,” said sophomore Alison
Staples, a female lead in the production. “It’s something that I’ve never done before, so that was

Actors featured in Anonymous were thrilled to be able to perform and experience the
audience’s feedback.

“Doing it in front of the audience already amps up the energy immediately, and we were all
more excited,” Staples said.

“I didn’t expect to get laughs,” supporting lead, junior Alex Greaves said.

Once the show ended, the cast felt they had bonded together as a family.

Senior Josh Foley, the male lead, explained his feelings after the production has come to an end.

“It’s been a journey to be honest with you, and I’ve loved every second of it.”

Reporters Ella Bowman and Samantha Woloszyn also contributed to this story.