Artist Wins Artist of the Week Honor


Sydney Howard, Paige Hederick

Sophomore Karis Reed takes the concept of the arts having no limitations to the next level, having now won Artist of the Week through the art contest on Artsonia.

However, none of this would have been possible if Reed hadn’t accidentally been placed in her school’s art class the previous year.

Her talent was soon discovered, and she excelled quite quickly, but not just on her own.

“I decided I didn’t really want to change my schedule, so I guess I’ll take it, and then I really enjoyed,” Reed said.

Reed hadn’t had the slightest idea of her talent just waiting to be uncovered. However, her teacher helped give her the confidence to show her talent to the world and sign up for the Artsonia contest.

“My older sister has always been good at art, and I just always thought I’ll never be that good, so I just didn’t really try,” Reed said.

Sara Roberts, art teacher taught Reed for last year as well as became a mentor to aid in shaping the artist Reed is today.

“Karis has worked really hard to make sure she’s working on originality and also thinking about different ways to depict what she’s working on,” Roberts said. “So her quality of work has stood out above the other students, and she was competing with other students that were 10-12th grade, so it was pretty equitable in that sense, but her work was definitely better than the other work there.”

Reed’s artwork was featured on Artsonia, receiving over 1200 votes in total from people across the world. Work is constantly being posted on this website to be voted on for all grade levels.

“It is very hard to get into because Artsonia has over a million people that use it across the world.” Roberts said.

Much to her surprise, she was selected as artist of the week, competing against other artist who uploaded their work onto the site. In winning the contest, Reed received $50 toward new art supplies from Blick to further her new passion.