The Wizards of Domackville

The Forest Fire’s annual look at the magic performed by our technical theater students


Lights, camera, action!

The team effort behind the scenes of the Technical Theater students transformed performances through their creations and hard work. Senior Julia Kingsley, who has been in Tech Theater for seven semesters, expresses her favorite part of being involved on set.

“I really like the group of people. They’re really accepting and nice. I like working with them, and I also just like the work that we do. I like being on a run crew and doing a set,” Kingsley said.

Domack, the Technical Theater teacher, states how the variety of capability from each student makes the set run smoothly.

“They all have certain personalities and talents that, when combined, create an awesome production. They all need trust each other to do the job they’ve been assigned. If the carpenters don’t do what they need to, the painters can’t paint, the electricians can’t light it, the actors can’t act on it, etc. We all need to do our part,” Domack said. “I teach 48 students in my advanced class, and I love them all for different reasons. They all bring out their talents and personalities to the class. We all work as one unit constantly communicating and working together for one cohesive production.”

Senior Annabeth Reed talks about her favorite memory with Domack.

“There’s so many. So in the morning in class the first thing we do is sit and talk, so he goes on these spiels about everything, and he’ll start dancing. That’s pretty funny. This one time, we were all kind of sitting there, and this song came on. Apparently he loved the song, so he just went out on stage dancing. That was really funny,” Reed said.

Reed served in the program for five semesters.

Sophomore Addison Davis discusses the most challenging aspects of being involved in Tech Theater.

“The deadlines, as we only have a certain amount to finish building something or making something, which can get stressful when you get close to the deadline and you’re not done,” Davis said.

Senior Nathan Morales enjoys the work, but finds that his experience in the class has brought an added difficulty.

“The most difficult part of Tech Theater for me would have to be having somewhat of a leadership role in class. I usually stay to myself and try to do things, and now I have to try to lead people along with myself. It’s a good experience that I need to get used to,” Morales said.

Morales finished his sixth semester this spring.

Sophomore Joey DeMattos mentions an example of a difficult encounter during a performance.

“It happened at Freaky Friday. The show was going great and then one of the mics completely lost signal, so I had to run out and get the mic pack and re-sync it right before the actor had a part coming up,” DeMattos said.
The teacher and the course inspires Reed to incorporate her experiences into a future career.

“I really hope to pursue art and tech theatre in college even though it isn’t my major. I still want to put that on my degree because it’s something that I really want to pursue,” Reed said.

Domack hopes his students will strive for something great in the future.

Domack said, “I want them to never lose sight of what their end goal is. We all get distracted as we move through life. It happens. But how much you move on from those distractions will my proudest moment. I want them to keep in touch. I want to know how they do in ten, twenty, thirty, years. I’m always here
for them.”