Landscapes abound in Instagram Feed

Social Media provides exposure for photography buff Ivan Bachinsky


One of Bachinsky’s landscape photos. Of his love of landscapes, Bachinsky said, “it is often great to just sit back and let nature be your subject.”

Alexandra Flach, Social Media Editor

Senior Ivan Bachinsky possesses a passion for capturing some our world’s finest and unique sights through photography.

His love for photography came from something simple.

“The first time I took photos was with a disposable camera in the Blue Ridge Mountains when I was eight. I think this was simply because my dad brought me one, and I figured I might as well use it,” Bachinsky said.

Viewing his posts, a love of the outdoors becomes immediately apparent.

“I have been taking photos of landscapes for years, and only in the past year have gotten into portraits. People are fun and dynamic to shoot, but it is often great to just sit back and let nature be your subject,” Bachinsky said.

When passionate about an activity, profound feelings can emerge as one’s talent develops.

“When I’m taking pictures of any subject, the first thing I do is scan the scene for potential comparisons. This is something I do almost automatically now, and I can get lost in the moment while taking photos. This comes from me doing something that I love,” Bachinsky said.

To move forward in any talent, everyone needs some form of inspiration and time to study others.

“Learning new things and a desire to improve inspires me to keep taking pictures. I follow many great photographers on Instagram and study their pictures for their unique composition and editing styles, with which I continuously experiment. My goal is that broadening my knowledge and style will enable me to improve as a photographer,” Bachinsky said.

While he doesn’t see his passion for the art form waning, Bachinsky isn’t planning on making photography his career.

“I believe that photography will be a lifelong interest of mine, and maybe even a side job; however, I do not see myself doing it full time,” Bachinsky said.

A photographer’s success only begins when his or her picture is being viewed. Bachinsky hopes you will view his online portfolio.

“I post occasionally to my Instagram (ivan_bachinsky).”

While most people find sunsets pretty and often take pictures of them, this aspiring photographer finds a picture of one sunset as his most treasured photo in his personal work.

“At the moment, the picture of the River Liffey in Dublin at sunset,” Bachinsky said.

Looking to take up the hobby of photography? Bachinsky offers some advice.

Bachinsky said, “One thing that helped me improve a lot was to shoot with old film lenses. Using one forces you to shoot in a full manual: you’re are manually focusing, zooming if applicable, and setting the aperture, shutter speed, white balance, and ISO.”