The Music Makers- Levi Beard


Mikaela Keldsen, Staff Reporter

Creating rap music is becoming a popular hobby among students. Some put a lot of effort into their music and strive to make a career out of it later in life. Following in a close family member’s footsteps, junior Levi Beard began to pursue his musical interests.

“I just wanted to start making music. My brother makes music, so I thought it’d be cool if I did too,” Beard said.

Beard has been making music for over a year. He has posted two songs on SoundCloud and has been featured in five songs.

Although initially inspired by his brother, Beard was also inspired by many other outside sources.

“People around me influenced me to begin. I love to make music, and as I continue, I want to get better and succeed,” Beard said.

For now, Beard sticks to his hip-hop style music. He also has future projects in mind.

“I am planning to make a little EP four song type of thing very soon,” Beard said.

He is striving to write and record more songs and has recently recorded another song about money and life as a teen.
“I feel really confident about this song. I took my time writing it and thought out the lyrics instead of just writing random stuff like other rappers do,” Beard said.

Beard defines what it means to be a good artist.

“A successful artist would be somebody who is him or herself and doesn’t try to copy anyone’s style. Even if you aren’t as good, if you follow you own style, I feel like you sound better,”

Beard follows a set method when crafting his songs.

“I definitely put a lot of effort into my songs. Each of my songs include a meaning. My music means a lot to me, so I try my best to make my songs better each time,” Beard said.

Beard has been inspired by a few different famous artists such as Playboi Carti, Thouxanban Fauni and Lil Uzi Vert.
For Beard, music is a form of talking and sharing with others.

“Music gives you multiple ways to express yourself. For me, making music is how I express my emotions.”