The Music Makers- Da’von Richard


Hannah Kinstle, Staff Reporter

Our school is filled with people of many different talents, in many different art forms. One of those talents is senior Da’von Richard.

Richard creates music, typically in the style of rap and hip-hop. He has a total of six songs released on his SoundCloud, along with multiple features of other artists’ music.

Richard goes by the name of DGWAP and currently has 170 followers on his SoundCloud account.
He doesn’t have one creation that is his most favorite.

“I like all my songs, to be honest, because I put everything into all my songs. I don’t just make a song about something meaningful then the next one not meaningful. I put that into all my music,” Richard said.
Making music feels natural to Richard.

“Just being around it a lot and growing up in it, I just felt like I could make some good music, so I did it.”

To date he has invented 15 original songs, with one feature on another rappers song.

Some of Richard’s inspirations include Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti and Tyler the Creator, and he strives to one day be as successful as them.

He has some advice for those looking to follow his lead.

“Sound like yourself. Make whatever you want to make.”

When doing something new that one loves, Richard feels one needs a good support system to stay motivated.
Talking about his own support, Richard mentioned his friends, family and manager.

“They just tell me to keep going and people that are there for me,” Richard said.

One of Richard’s songs off his newest album is called “blah blah blah,” which describes his childhood and the situations he has been through growing up.

To be a successful artist Richard believes in being unique and expressing oneself however one wants.

Richard said artists should be, “An artist who follows their own wave, and their own music and doesn’t try to be like anyone else.”