Our Take: Reporters Name Their Presidential Picks

Diverse opinions about the upcoming election exist among the 51 student reporters in our newsroom



Image by Wokandapix on Pixbay

Catherine Vivongsy, Senior Reporter

Nearing the 2020 presidential election, the Forest Fire staff have formed an assortment of opinions in regards to addressing the significant issues the United States faces.

After being asked which candidate our staff would choose, sophomore Social Media Editor Siena McGarrigle favors  former Vice President Joe Biden due to his ideals on the safety and equality for all U.S. citizens.

“Joe Biden is definitely not my ideal candidate, but voting him in would save our democracy,” McGarrigle said. “Joe Biden would handle the pandemic, get the U.S. back into the Paris Climate Accord, push for more affordable healthcare, protect women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights and will at least acknowledge the internal issues and systematic racism in America.”

Advocating for President Donald Trump and Trump’s stance on gun laws for the safety of U.S. citizens entices sophomore Will Wrenn.

“He is pro-gun,” Wrenn said. “I would like for my family to be able to defend themselves.”

In regards to the safety of U.S. citizens, Trump’s initiative towards Covid-19 compared to Biden’s plan appeals to sophomore Cameron Weaver.

“I would vote for Trump under the sole purpose of the situation at hand right now. I believe he is the best fit in the office for everything going on right now with Covid-19,” Weaver said. “I believe that Trump has shown he is for the people of America, and I feel like Biden wouldn’t lead this country that way.”

As for senior Editor in Chief Kensley Hamm, she favors Biden for his vision to expand Covid-19 testing accessibility.

“Biden says he will increase testing and bring no-cost testing, which I think is extremely important right now,” Hamm said. “It’s hard to see more and more people die because Trump refuses to make testing more accessible.”

Apart from the country’s issues with Covid-19, senior Graphics Editor Justin Kuropas focuses on the pressing issues of the environment for this upcoming election.

“My second biggest problem with Trump is his lack of protection for the environment. The environment needs to be protected, and major steps need to be taken to achieve this goal,” Kuropas said. “Protecting the environment shouldn’t be political. We need to listen to science and protect our planet.”

In addition, sophomore Vianey Hinojo notes where each candidate stands in relation to women’s reproductive rights.

“As a woman, I feel it is wrong of me to support Trump,” Hinojo said. “He constantly objectifies and downgrades women and is planning to defund planned parenthood.”

Junior Sydnie Lester favors Trump for his ability to address the immediate economic issues during these undesirable times.

“He has created many jobs for the unemployed. Unemployment is at a record low even through the pandemic,” Lester said. “Donald Trump has rebuilt the economy. He has done everything he promised to do as president.”

Disagreeing with the majority of Biden’s ideals, senior Sports Editor Chris Steg agrees with Trump’s ideas for our country instead.

“I support most of what he believes in, and I agree with what he is doing for our country while also keeping us away from the socalist agenda,” Steg said. “Both candidates aren’t the best, but I cannot stand seeing socialism become a real threat to the American people.”

Since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Sept. 18 passing, the issue of whether our president should fill her seat or not has risen. Though, senior Sports Editor Connor Kitson favors that Trump should proceed to fill her spot in his favor.

“I think President Trump should nominate someone to fill the seat,” Kitson said. “It would be better for his party and what the Republican party wants.”

Senior Student Life Editor Carley Parrish disagrees, stating Trump’s specific justice selection will disturb the current party balance within the court.

“Trump should not fill her seat. The seat that was left behind should be filled with a liberal judge to keep the court equal and have a good division of difference of opinion,” Parrish said. “Trump would try to fill the seat with a conservative judge, thus making it unequal.”

Seeing the immense contrast between each candidate, some reporters, including senior Online Editor Ally Beck, stand between both contenders.

Beck said, “We know Trump as a President, but we don’t know Biden as one. Trump made sure all of his promises were met, and he has rebuilt the economy. Biden is planning to contribute to lessening climate change and has handled Covid-19 better. There’s lots of positives and negatives to either.”