10 Questions with Wrestler Ben Lance

Lance exceeds 100 wins in his Cougar career


Mikaela Keldsen

Q: Congratulations on passing the 100 win mark. How did it feel to exceed that milestone?

A:  Well, it was really expected because I came in this year with about 70 wins. Although, it felt really great to do it with a team I really enjoy being with. 

Q:  In addition, you were named the outstanding wrestler for the Northern Conference. What does it mean to you to receive this special recognition?

A:  It was really cool because previous years I’ve been outed just because I was a sophomore. Now that I’m an upperclassmen, they’re allowing me to get these awards, which is really nice.

Q: How long have you been wrestling?

A:  I’ve been wrestling since I was a little kid. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t wrestling.

Q:  What initially drew you to the sport? 

A:  Well my dad wrestled in high school and college, so he brought me into it, and that’s how I started. 

Q:  Who are your mentors? How have they helped you on your journey?

A:  My coaches: they push you to your extreme and always keep you going. They continue to just push me and help me with both mental things and physical things in the sport. 

Q:  Few students realize how grueling wrestling is. What’s the most challenging part for you?

A:  Cutting weight: you have to constantly watch your diet when you’re in season. It’s really tough when you’re going out with friends for lunch, and you can’t have good food. 

Q:  Even great seasons like this year don’t come without adversity. What’s been a significant challenge you have had to overcome this year?

A:  I had really tough classes last semester, so that was hard, having no time with workouts and practice. I’d also have massive amounts of homework every night. 

Q:  Do you have any losses this season? If so, to whom? What didn’t go well in the match?

A:  I lost twice to a state finalist, and then I lost again to a kid in a weight class a lot higher than me. Really, the state finalist just overpowered me and showed he was much stronger than me. 

Q:  As you look forward to states, what’s your game plan?

A:  Win. My goal is really just to dominate and be the best there. 

Q: Who presents the most formidable opponent at states? How many times have you wrestled him? What’s been the result?

A: There’s a kid from Laney High School, Marcus Mondragon. He’s probably going to be both my regional finals match and my state finals match. I have never wrestled him, but I’ve wrestled his drill partners, and we always go into overtime.