Reporters Recall Their Favorite Toys

Femi Olugbamila, 11: Favorite Toy = Remote Control Car / Still Have It? = No

This toy stood out to me because every time I used to get in trouble, I used to go in my room and play with this toy all night.”


Ryan Smallwood, grade: Favorite ToyRC car. / Still have it? No

“Every time I went to my grandparents’, I would always charge the batteries as soon as I could, so later I could play with them with my dad.”


Laney Newnam, grade: Favorite Toy = American Girl Doll. / Still have it? No

“I had an American Girl Doll, and it was very special to me when I was younger because it looked like me, and I thought that was cool. I got it as a Christmas gift.”


Colby Brown, 12: Favorite Toy = Polar Bear / Still have it? Yes

“I got it when I was born and named it ‘Polsy.’ It was white when I got it, and now it is grey. It is missing an eye and has a ripped ear. It is kinda disgusting.”


Carley Parrish, 12: Favorite Toy = American Girl Doll / Still have it? Yes

“My older sisters all had American Girl Dolls, so, of course, I wanted one extremely bad. When I finally got one, I toted it around with me everywhere and absolutely adored it.”


Maggie Smart, 12: Favorite Toy = Stuffed Bear / Still have it? Yes

“My brother and I used to play with this stuffed bear all the time. We would make up stories about him, and my brother even created a funny accent for him to ‘talk’ in.”


Kelcey Kelling, grade: Favorite Toy = Stuffed dog / Still have it? No

“I got this stuffed dog for Christmas when I was, like, 2, and it was blue, my favorite color. It went everywhere I went, especially the doctor and the dentist. But then when I was about 6 or 7, I went to visit some family in Florida and lost my stuffed dog.”


Vianey Hinojo, grade: Favorite Toy = Stuffed lamb / Still have it? No

“It was my comfort toy. My mom bought me it when I was very little. I had an emotional attachment to it, and I brought her everywhere with me. My parents would have to drive back if I left it at a restaurant, but one day, I left it at Shuckers and they went back to get it, but they didn’t find it.”


Jordan Nolan, grade: Favorite Toy = Wii / Still have it? No

“I really loved playing the Wii. I played it all the time when I was little. My favorite game on it was tennis, and I would always play that certain game — no other game but that one!”


Lauren Keith, grade: Favorite Toy = Legos / Still have it? No

“I loved Legos so much because I would spend so much time building different things, and then 5 minutes later, tearing it apart. It was so entertaining to me.”


Justin Kuropas, 12: Favorite Toy = Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP / Still have it? Yes

“This toy stands out to me because of how much time I spent playing games like Pokemon on it with my brothers, and it stands out to me as my favorite toy because of how fun it was to play on and also because of how many years I used it for.”


Siena McGarrigle, grade: Favorite Toy = Webkinz Cat / Still have it? Yes (doesn’t know where it is)

I got a grey stuffed Webkinz cat as a gift for my third birthday, and he’s been with me ever since. I named him ‘Blacky’ and played with him almost every day. In fourth grade, I decided to take Blacky to school, and one of the kids in my class cut his tail off and threw it in the garbage. My friend’s mom had to do a little surgery to sew his tail back on. I was really upset at the time, but everything ended up working out and my Webkinz was okay.”


Katie Hottell, grade: Favorite Toy = Bear Pillow Pet / Still have it? No

“I carried this specific stuffed bear pillow around with me everywhere. I couldn’t sleep without it, and it went with me to the store sometimes. Many adventures were had with this bear pillow pet. It didn’t even have a name, it was just special to me as a kid for no reason.”


Sydney Howard, 11? Favorite Toy = stuffed camel / Still have it? Yes

“I got this toy when I was about 5 years old. I still remember getting it! I named it Camden. I got her as a gift for Christmas. My mom wanted to get me a bear, but when she saw the camel, she felt automatically drawn to it and got it for me. I still have it today and keep it very clean!”


Sophia Fuller, 12: Favorite Toy = purple bike / Still have it? No

“My neighbors and I would be out riding bikes every single day, even in the rain. We would make ramps out of wood and rocks and spend hours every day jumping them.”


Lizzie Kallal, grade: Favorite Toy = stuffed lamb blanket / Still have it? Yes

“This was my favorite thing growing up and my family called it ‘lamby silky.’ It was a small, small blanket, but with a lamb head and tail. I loved it so much and carried it everywhere. I remember only being able to calm down if I had it with me.”


Ally Beck, 12: Favorite Toy = Nerf guns / Still have it? doesn’t say

“Nerf Guns were my favorite because I could have Nerf wars with my brother. It was just really fun and a little competitive because we both wanted to win.”


Sydney Savage, 12: Favorite Toy = Easy Bake Oven / Still have it? doesn’t say

“I loved my Easy Bake Oven. My mom and dad would cook, so I thought it was only fair that I be able to cook as well. I would make cookies and brownies. It was my first ‘big girl toy,’ so I felt very independent while using it.”


Cameron Trainer, 12: Favorite Toy = Nintendo Wii / Still have it? Yes

“My siblings and I spent countless hours playing the Wii together, and in fact, still do on some occasions.”


Kaylyn Brittain, grade: Favorite Toy = Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster / Still have it? No

“I would act as if it was a real pet, and I would take it everywhere. I also had a little bag that I made into its home, and I wouldn’t leave the house until I had the hamster and the bag with me.”


Race Eisen, 12: Favorite Toy = Wii / Still have it? Yes

“This console really brought my family together. We all played Mario Party with each other. It wasn’t just my gift, it was a family gift.”