Event helps teens explore career options


Vianey Hinojo, Staff Reporter

The Great Explorations Career Event held at the NCSU McKimmon Center teaches students about careers, team building, leadership, networking and how to utilize resources for high school success.

Over 30 students attended the Oct. 30 event in Raleigh.

“It was really fun, and I hoped to learn about different careers to see what I wanted to do in life and see what other people do,” freshman Brittney Collins said.

Many students were looking forward to the trip.

“I was excited to see what the event would be like and to maybe find out what career I would like to pursue,” freshman Kaitlyn Holt said.

Holt learned very useful lessons from the event.

“We did these rotations: one was guessing the gig, another rotation was when they were talking about jobs they had. They also taught us how to meet and talk to new people,” Holt said.

The field trip influenced students.

“It helped me realize that being in the medical field is something I would want to do. When I first got there, I was conflicted about my future, but when I left, I felt more confident,” Hold said.