The One That Got Away

What desired holiday gift did you fail to get to unwrap?


Andrew Baker, Media Editor

While many people recieve gifts off of their holiday wish lists, the most intriguing items are the ones that were never received. Our reporters made trips to various classrooms to hear the stories of gifts students always wanted but did not get the chance to unwrap. For this holiday season, we present the ones that got away.

Aidan Sheehan, 10

“I wanted this really cool airsoft gun, but my parents never got it for me. I wanted to have airsoft battles with my neighbors.” 

Sherelle McRae, 10

“I wanted a black barbie because i was black and never got the representation because all i had were white barbies.”

Anthony Anastasi, 12

“I wanted an Xbox during middle school because all my friends got one and it would’ve been fun.”

Madison Weatherford, 12

“I think when i was younger i really wanted an art set and i was never able to get it because of money issues but i think it piqued my interest because i used to love to paint and draw.”

Tyler Geesman, 11

“When I was younger I wanted the Lego death star and it looked so cool because it had so many pieces and parts. After you’re done with it you can break it apart and do whatever you want with the rest of the pieces.”

Preston Spencer, 12

“I asked for an iPad and my parents said ‘No, you’re way too young for that. Try again!'”

Grayson Hodge, 9

“Back when I was seven, there was this really cool nerf blaster I wanted that had a laser sight on it. I asked my mom if I could get it and she said no because I’d shoot my eye out. That was the one thing i really wanted and never got it.”

Harrison Bunker, 9

“My family had to decide between the Wii U or the Xbox. My family really wanted the Wii U and I wanted the Xbox, so we got the Wii U. It piqued my interest because all my friends had the Xbox, so I just wanted to be able to play with them.”

Zachary Barrett, 9

“When I was younger I think I wanted a stuffed animal that was really expensive at the time, and I couldn’t get it because my parents didn’t think i needed it, but I was still grateful for what I have.” 

Sanai Holmes, 10

“A Build-a-Bear, my parents always refused and I always saw the commercials where you put the heart inside the stuffing of the bear.”

Kinsley Mcdonald, 12

“The Barbie jeep because it looked really cool and everyone had one so I wanted one too.” 

Bry’Shaun Kearney, 9

“I wanted this huge Lego set that I always liked but it was too expensive.”

Addy Brooks, 12

“One thing I asked for but never got was another dog, I have always asked for a dog.” 

Anja Kristoffersen, 12

“I always wanted an American Girl Doll, but instead my parents got all the little pet accessories and not the actual American Girl Doll. So I just had the little dog that comes with the doll, but not the actual doll.”

Sarah Patterson, 10

“I wanted this Barbie cruise ship but I couldn’t get it because my sister already had one.” 

Skylar Kipp, 10

“I wanted a surfboard because I have always wanted to be able to go to the beach and surf.” 

Noel Smith, 10

“Probably a bike because I would see everyone in my neighborhood riding bikes. I didn’t get it because I’m really accident prone and I would probably break something.” 

Liam Rodriguez, 11

“I wanted a sword, but never got one because my grandma said it was really expensive and dangerous.”

Karah Mac, 11

“I think I wanted to go to New York every year, and it did not end up happening, I just really have always liked cities.” 

Fatima Diane, 10

I really wanted kinetic sand, but my mom wouldn’t let me get it because it was really messy.”

Sovryn Goode, 11

“I wanted a cow because they are cute.”


Our reporters also have their fair share of gifts that never saw the light of day. From our staff, here are another 12 that got away.

Delaney Crowder, 9

“When I was probably around ten all I wanted for Christmas was one of those cool sewing machines that didn’t actually sew. I was obsessed with fashion design at that point and i wanted to learn how to sew more than anything. They were pretty popular that year so my parents couldn’t get me one.”

Carson Lewis, 12

“When I was around 12 I wanted a new pair of Nike basketball shoes and a dirt bike for Christmas. Basketball was the only sport I played at the time and I was focused, plus there is a big field across my house to ride the dirt bike in. I ended up not getting either one for Christmas.”

Kaylyn Brittain, 12

“When I was younger I really wanted silly bands, but my dad wouldn’t get me anymore because I would accidentally let them fall down the drains.”

Evan Stogsdill, 12

“I really wanted an airsoft gun when I was young because i kept finding BBs on the ground all over my neighborhood. I didn’t get one because I was way too young so I just got Nerf guns instead.”

Sydney Howard, 11

“When I was younger I really wanted a pet gecko for Christmas. This is because my brother had gotten one the year before, so as his sibling, of course I wanted one as well. However, the following Christmas, I never got one. To this day, I have no idea why.”

Katie Hottell, 11

“I have always really wanted a puppy, and every year I would always put one on my list. I didn’t care what dog it was, I just wanted one because I thought they were cute. I also love dogs a lot. I still haven’t gotten one, but I have a cat.”

Andrew Baker, 11

“For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a trampoline. All my friends and cousins had them and I knew that it would make my life so much better. I asked for one every single year and never got one, it really got to me and I would stare at my neighbors on their trampoline. I finally just stopped asking.”

Ella Bowman, 11

“When I was younger, I really wanted a pet pig. Obviously this isn’t ideal, but when I watch Charlotte’s Web, I just fell in love with the way the pig looked. I wanted a baby pig though, not an adult. My parents didn’t ever get it for me because it would not have the happiest home in a fenced in backyard.”

Haley Ramnarain, 9

“When I was younger I really wanted a new bike just because my sisters bike looked so cool, they never got it because it was expensive.”

Meredith Adkins, 12

“When I was younger, for like six years in a row I wanted a pet penguin. My mom would never let me have one because I guess it was illegal to own a pet penguin.”

Elizabeth Emery, 9

“One time I really wanted an American Girl Doll doll, well actually I didn’t want the doll I mostly wanted one of the little dog toys. Eventually I saved up enough money to get myself one but when we went to the website to get it, I didn’t have enough to cover the tax and I couldn’t get it.”

Josh Rutland, 12

“When I was younger I really wanted a Sinestro toy action figure from The Incredibles movie and never got it. I got a captain America toy instead.”