What Students Want This Season


Sydney Howard, Editor in Chief

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, students as well as Forest Fire staff  give insight on what exactly has made the cut on their holiday wishlists this year.


Ariel Lester, 10

“Not really a physical item, its more spending time with my family and having a nice Christmas with them.”

Noah Pavlovitz, 11

“This year for Christmas i would like cardigans, new shoes and just to spread the holiday cheer.”

Mckenzie King, 12

“An Apple watch and some new workout clothes.”

Tyler Estes, 10

“A car, because I’m tired of depending on my mom and I just want a car.”

Christopher DeGaetano, 12

“A pair of Jordan 1’s because I’m a sneakerhead who likes to collect shoes.”

Josh Latvala, 12

“I want a winning lottery ticket in my stocking.”

Sunny Vo, 10

“A girlfriend so that she can keep me warm at night.”

Heather Taylor, 11

“Scrapbooking supplies and new shoes.”

Ava Demming, 10

“Hurricane Merch.”

Jackson Crank, 11

“A new stereo system for my car because it’s old and it doesn’t sound good.”

Aknyel Muniz, 9

“To be able to meet my family.”

Braxton Crum, 12

“Texas Roadhouse gift card.”

Anja Kristoffersen, 12

“I want a Wake Tech crewneck sweatshirt, because I am going to be doing online classes next year.”

Parket Bowman, 12

“I’m asking for a record player this Christmas.”

Aliyah Hamim, 10

“I want a vanity for Christmas.”

Brandy Lambert, 9 

“Metal detector.”

Dakota Meyers, 12

“Hey Dudes.” (shoes)

Kearon Doolittle, 12

“Nintendo Switch.”

Megan Kruger 12

“For Christmas I want a new softball glove and some new shoes.”

Aiden Hayes, 12

“I would like some vinyl records of my favorite albums.”

Forest Fire Staff

Ella Bowman, 11

“Something on my current wishlist is money and clothes. As I have gotten older, I have realized that I don’t have as many specific things that I want. I would rather have the money to be able to buy things when I want them, rather than thinking that could be enjoyable at the moment.”

Andrew Baker, 11

“My current wishlist for the holidays is money and gift cards. I recently lost my wallet and I am also saving up for a car. I would like fun patterned down shirts but the money is important.”

Katie Hottell, 11

“I want a new laptop for Christmas because the only I have currently is six years old. I want to be able to play games on it, but because it is so old I can’t effectively play a lot of games that I want to play.”

Delaney Crowder, 9

“Something that’s on my wishlist this year is a record player and records.”

Siena McGarrigle, 11

“Something on my current wishlist is a new coffee thermos. The thermos I’m using is quite literally falling apart and I haven’t gotten around to buying a new one.”

Carson Lewis, 12

“This year I’m not asking for much and my wishlists have changed a little bit. I used to want toys but hate clothes but now all I want is clothes and the one thing I want is a flannel hoodie.”

Evan Stogsdill, 12

“This year I’m asking for darker/earth tone clothes which I think will look nice on me.”

Lizzie Kallal, 12

“Something on my list now is a new pair of sunglasses by Quay because I previously had a pair but they broke.”

Josh Rutland, 12

“This year I am not asking for a lot because I don’t really have many things I want, but i want a new pair of Nike blazers and some sweatshirts.”