Meet foreign exchange student Madeline Eckl


Exchange student, Madeline Eckl, traveled here from Germany.

Miranda Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Madeline Eckl, a German exchange student, decided to come to America for the opportunities, life changing experiences and wonders.

Eckl looked forward to attending high school the most. She was excited for the experiences and traditions it held. It’s what convinced her to take the chance and come to America.

“I wanted to experience the school spirit, high school and American life,” Eckl said.

Eckl hopes that her ten months in America will help her socially and benefit her when she returns home.

“I’m trying to apply for a job back in Germany,” Eckl said. “I hope I will be recognized for coming to America.”

Eckl’s no stranger to traveling, considering that she has been to Italy, Spain, Austria, France, and Turkey.

And even with all of America’s unique traditions, messy politics, and economic differences, Eckl believes that the U.S isn’t all that different than Germany.

“I expected more of a culture shock, but no, not really,” Eckl said.

America holds a lot of distinct traditions, favorable chances and most of all entertaining holidays. Eckls’s favorite part about America so far may be school, but the thing she looked forward to the most this year was Thanksgiving.

Eckl said, “Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to eat the food and spend time with my host family.”